Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Goofy kid

Here is our little character once again. To those who want to know our travel plans, Ethan is leaving here on the 25th and driving to Idaho and I will fly into Utah (with my mom & Logan) on the 27th and Terri and Tristan and Denali will drive Logan and me up to Idaho on the 28th. This summer has been really nice and we don't want to leave, but Ethan only has one more year of school and then on with our lives!


Kelly Bluth said...

You've only got a week left! Have you figured out how Ethan is going to get everything into the jeep? What are you going to do with the truck? Bryan should be arriving in Logan on the same day Ethan leaves. Is your Mom going to visit family in Salt Lake? The 25th is Tyler's birthday too!
Busy time!

The Bluths said...

Well hopefully we can fit everything just fine into the jeep. He might have to use a car topper. Robert should be here to help pack up the car since he is the expert.

Kelly Bluth said...

Even his armpits are fat!!!