Monday, September 5, 2005

It's disappearing!

Well we went to church yesterday in our new ward. We decided to go to the family ward because it meets at 11 and the student ward meets at 3. We wouldn't be able to go to our dinners on sunday if we had 3:00 church. While we were there we noticed Logan's hair was looking a little thin in the back. I didn't think he was going to lose it, but we think it is probably from riding in his carseat so much now. He sleeps on the side of his head not the back. Hopefully it doesn't get too scarce. Our old friends Gina and Sam Owens invited us over for dinner last night. Mom I made that chicken cabbage salad for it and it turned out great.


Kelly Bluth said...

I love how his ears look, they are very "Ethan". There is a pic of him on shutterfly that looks like your Dad I think.