Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Oma, Logan got your package!

Here is our little rascal getting into the package his Oma sent him.
I've decided that Idaho Insurance is dumb and I want to go back to Minnesota's health plan. It is very frustrating how differnent states are. Ethan and I are going to a KB Homes presentation tonight. He has an interview with them tomorrow. It's not wrong to have more than one option after he graduates.


terri said...

cute picture! he is getting so big.
good luck with the interview, ethan. let us know how it goes. having options is a VERY good thing - then you have some bargaining power!

Kelly Bluth said...

Very cute picture. What's the problem with the insurance? Let us know how th interview goes. Does KB Homes have offices in Oregon?

Gloria Glo said...

What? Insurance! My grandpa didn't have insurance and he lived to be 92!

(Just a little Idaho way of life for ya ;) )

The Bluths said...

Well I was on insurance in Minnesota and that was when we had income coming in, but since Idaho is different I can't be on it here, only Logan and I don't have income coming in. And KB Homes is not in Oregon. He is looking at Las Vegas division.