Friday, September 23, 2005

One lazy friday

well my big box of Aero chocolates came and I was super excited. I must try and eat them sparingly so I won't run out too quickly. Ethan was up late last night with Logan so he didn't go to class again even though he is feeling better. We had a nice lazy friday, felt like saturday. I bought Logan a vaporizer for his room tonight, hopefully it helps his congestion. I haven't taken any photos today, but I sent some people 2 videos of Logan. I had to create a gmail account so I could send them. But it worked, hopefully everyone got them, if not, email me and I'll send them to you.
This is a picture of Hurricane Katrina Tristan sent me. I saw lightning tonight in Rexburg! Can you believe it!


Kelly Bluth said...

What an awesome picture! I got the videos and am anxious to see them but when I clicked on the paperclip the dropdown was very faint and wouldn't open. I clicked on the link to Picasa2 and ended up downloading that program which is actually kind of neat but didn't get me to the videos. Any suggestions?

The Bluths said...

Ours plays on winamp, I don't know what programs you have to play it. Windows media player might also work. Did you click on download? Or maybe right click the paperclip and hit open. Try those things. Or try saving it first and then opening it.