Thursday, October 20, 2005


Look at my cute neice Natalie dressed as piglet. Isn't her mom creative. Now everyone has to help Logan's mom come up with something for halloween. We can't think of anything. Ethan keeps coming up with impractical ideas like us being bowling pins and Logan a bowling ball, yeah that sounds cute but how am I supposed to do that?! Help us!


Anonymous said...

For a bowling ball you could just have a plack beanie with three fely circle with the hook part of velcro on them. They would then stick to the beannie. You and Ethan could dress in white with orange or red scarfs oround your necks for the stripes. I think your sister should help you with this. She is creative too.

The Bluths said...

That is a great idea! But Ethan doesn't have and light colored pants... hmmm