Saturday, October 29, 2005

Hoo Hoo says the owl

Here is our neat pumpkin that Ethan and I did. We drilled a bunch of holes in it so it looks like a lantern. Our Murder Mystery Party went great! Jeff and Aimie Zimmer are great hosts. We'll have pictures of that later.


mellancollyeyes said...

wait, wait..weird! why is your hair straight?! it's creeping me out!

although you do look very pretty.

Gloria Glo said...

Okay. That is *so* beyond awesome. I was responsible for carving pumpkins w/ the neph this looked like a gaping hole despite the hours I took trying to create a spider. yeah. I lack creativity.

Awesome pumpkin.

The Bluths said...

My friend came over and straightened it for me cuz I don't like to wear beanies with curly hair. (Hence the other picture.) And I got the pumpkin idea from the internet. So I lack th ecreativity too.

Kelly Bluth said...

The pumpkin looks sooo cool! I like your hair too. I talked to Jeff's parents at the ward party and they said Jeff and Aimie got the murder mystery game off e-bay and the seller ended up living in Idaho Falls so they drove up and picked it up! Small world. Sounds fun. looking forward to pictures. Ethan, Dad sent info on contractors for you to contact over Thanksgiving. Only 3 weeks to go!

terri said...

are you sure the owl says "hooo?" or, maybe it says "whoooo, whooo..." just a thought

we may get to move today!!!