Sunday, October 2, 2005

Our New Car

Well we were not expecting to get a new car this weekend, but surprise! We did! It is a '99 VW Passat. We love it. We just went to go look at cars while we were down in Utah because the one we wanted to get in Rexburg got sold. The first place we looked at (and the first car), we bought. Click here for more picture of the car like the interior (which is nice black leather). And be sure to check out Tristan and Terri's blog for a sweet picture of Logan.


Kelly Bluth said...

How fun! It's a beautiful car! Were you able to get a good trade in on the Jeep? Were you sad to see it go? I hope this car will get better gas mileage. What did you find when you shopped for insurance? Wasn't Conference awesome? I love to watch The World Report between sessions. It's so interesting to see how the church is growing around the world.

The Bluths said...

Wow! Lots of questions. We did get a good trade in, not sad to see it go, this car does get better gas mileage (our reason for getting it). Are you talking about car or health insurance? Conference was neat, we didn't get to see every talk though.