Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Starting solids

I decided to try solids on Logan. Adding rice cereal to milk though isn't very solid. Especially the amount they say you are supposed to add. It's like feeding him milk from a spoon that is flat; which is very difficult when he likes his hands in his mouth at all times. So today I added a bit more rice cereal to give it consistency and he did pretty well. He ate a whole ounce. Ethan had another softball game tonight and Logan and I were able to go to it since it wasn't too late.
The president of our school was inaugurated today and President Hinckley was there for it and a bunch of the 1st presidency and the quorum of the 12. President Clark used to be the Dean at the Harvard business school. He seems pretty neat. Ethan and I went to that today. Check out Logan's pictures. I went a little crazy. Logan gets his 4 month shots tomorrow. Ugh!


Gloria Glo said...

I'm jealous. Really. Feels like forever since I saw any of the Big 4.

Logan remains adorable. Glad he did okay with the solids :)

terri said...

great pics of logan!

The Bluths said...

Glo: That's what happens when you live in Rexburg.
Thanks Terri!