Thursday, April 13, 2006

Here are the 3 desserts I made, cheesecake, peanut butter bon bons, and jello cake. They were all a big hit.
Here is Ethan's softball team, they had a game on his birthday and Ethan pitched a 'no-walker'! They won 8-3. We invited everyone over for cake.
A bunch of friends stopped by and we got to talk with people we didn't know very well and made some good friends, so it was a hit! :) Posted by Picasa


kelly bluth said...

It looks like Ethan had a great birthday! Ashley, I'm so impressed with your desserts! They look great. Did you have enough to go around? Everytime we make frog eye salad, we thank Ethan for marrying you!

The Bluths said...

Good thing I made 3 different desserts, it was the perfect amount. I got the recipe from a lady who made it for my family when my dad had some surgery. So we should all thank sister Dean for the frog eye salad! :)