Monday, July 24, 2006

Mashed potatoes

Logan likes mashed potatoes.
We made a favorite meal of mine yesterday (though it didn't turn out as expected) and Ethan put a glob of mashed potatoes in front of Logan and he went to town on them.

Also...Ethan and I made a bad choice as parents yesterday. We cut Logan's hair WAY too short. I am very upset about it, no more cute little hair of his, but it will grow back. Ethan doesn't want me posting pictures of it we are so embarassed, but what can you do.

Video of goofy Logan : VIDEO


kelly bluth said...

Just think of all the stuff you can get him to eat if you hide it in the mashed potatoes!

kelly bluth said...

Loved the video! We couldn't get the other ones (pasta time) to load, they are a different program.

mellancollyeyes said...

HAHAHA! My step-dad did that to Grant and Neil--my mom came home one day and he'd buzzed all their hair off. My mom freaked out and she actually said, "OH NO! What did you do?! They look like serial killers!" And sadly, they little future serial killers.

The Bluths said...

When Ethan came home from work he said "hello my little serial killer"

mellancollyeyes said...

Haha! Why is it that shaved heads on babies make them look like murderous psychos?