Saturday, August 26, 2006

Another jam-packed day

Well there were so many fun things we did today that I couldn't pick just a few pictures. So here is a handful of them and be sure to check out Logan's pictures again. First we went to the state fair and Logan got to see a lot of animals. Although he met a horse and it neighed at him and I have never seen him more scared in my life! Poor thing. Then we toured the Smith Family farm and then walked around the sacred grove. After that we stopped by the temple to take a few photos of the pretty stained glass and then we went to Hill Cumorah where Moroni hid the gold plates. Logan found a cricket there and wanted to touch it...with his foot. He ended up squishing it and then it was still enough for him to grab :) And there is a picture of his new tight pjs. Rad! Posted by Picasa


Gloria Glo said...

I love it backt here...not only is it a beautiful area, but the spiritual pilgrimage is always memorable.

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