Monday, September 4, 2006

Quiet Book & Board

Well here is the board I made for Logan all finished (well almost, I want to put more pictures in the doors). He wasn't too interested in it, but I'm sure he'll catch on (he better!). And for the most part of the week while I was in NY my mom and I worked on this quiet book for Logan. His attention span isn't very long so it is nice to be able to turn a page and have something new to look at. I took a picture of all the pages but only posting a few so check out Other Bluth Photos for the rest. It also isn't finished, my mom is going to quilt a cover for it. And we might add more pages down the line.


Grandma S. said...

Great quiet book. You and your Mom did a great job. They are so good for church also.
Love receiving these pictures.

kelly bluth said...

Where did you get the pattern? We bought a kit to make one for Jake but I really like yours.

The Bluths said...

Here is the link to the site where we bought the pattern. I'm sure my mom could forward you the download so you don't have to buy it too.