Sunday, October 15, 2006

Batting Cages

We had a great Saturday! We had lunch at Applebees and then went to some batting cages and hit a few balls and had shaved ice (with a lot of syrup). More pictures are in the album. Then Logan napped and we washed the cars because it was a BEAUTIFUL day with a slight breeze. Later that day I had to make some copies for church and I usually go to the church library to do that but I forgot and had to go somewhere else. Well a super nice lady helped me, I was there for an hour and ended up giving her a Book of Mormon. A good way to end the day. And Ethan got a raise on Friday! Life is good.


amiedanny said...

Yay! That IS a great day!

Kelly Bluth said...

The picture of Logan from the top with the helmet on looks like he has a HUGE head! A very good day indeed! Glad you had such a good time.

Grandma S. said...

Way-to-go Ashley, You make a great missionary. Congratulation, Ethan on your raise.