Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Family photo

I am in charge of helping get the ward picture directory going so I went and took some pictures Sunday and realized we needed one too. So here it is, we didn't use this one so I just put it here instead.


amiedanny said...

Ashley, I'm doing the same thing for RS right now. Every single sister complains as I ask her to pose, do you get the same problem?

We are our own worst critics!

kelly bluth said...

Good picture! I saw the ones in the album. Which one did you use?

The Bluths said...

Well on Sunday I called ahead so they knew they were getting their pictures taken, I let them look at it so I can take another one if they want me to.

I used the picture with the close ups of our heads.

Anonymous said...

This is a one happy looking photo. Made my day a little happier, so I'm leaving a little note.