Sunday, October 22, 2006

Trick or Treat

He's ready! Posted by Picasa


kelly Bluth said...

Is your ward doing a "trunk or treat"? He's going to think it is so strange for people to just give him candy!

Anonymous said...

He totally should be ready! Halloween is the second best holiday when you're a kid, second only to Xmas. Who doesn't love candy and/or presents?!

Make sure to have 2 Halloween costumes for know, so he can hit the houses with the good, full-size candy bars twice! :)

The Bluths said...

Well it's a good thing our ward is doing a trunk or treat on friday and then tuesday we'll hit the streets. It's the best time of year to have a kid who doesn't understand the concept of having candy and who has parents who will gladly eat it all! Moowahaha!!