Saturday, October 28, 2006

Trunk or Treat!

Our ward had a Halloween Carnival last night. First we had a dinner and then everyone went out to their cars and did some Trunk or Treating. Here are my award winning pumpkins and Logan by our decked out car and our spooky front entrance. See our web album for more pictures. Posted by Picasa


amiedanny said...

Cute work! I did my pumpkin Thursday and I don't think it's gonna hold out till Tuesday...already getting a litle wrinkly!

kelly Bluth said...

very artistic! They turned out very nice. Your front porch looks cute too. Logan is such a hoot.. Did he sit in the trunk the whole time?

The Bluths said...

Logan and I went around to the cars and I realized I'm gonna have to bring the stroller when we go to our neighborhood because he isn't going to walk to whole time and he is getting heavy!