Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Happy Halloween!!

Logan and I went out Trick or Treating while Ethan gave out candy. It was so weird to go out with no heavy coats on and the people here sit out in their driveways to hand out the candy and some were even grilling! Weird. Logan's favorite candy is Smarties, mine is Tootsie Rolls, but I may have to hold off in those for awhile. I went to the Dentist yesterday and turns out I have some cavaties. I'm not gonna tell you how much because it's embarrassing.

Logan woke up this morning with pink eye so I took him to the doctor for that and I am still trying to get over this congestion, Ethan is almost 100% now which is good. Well the pictures are of Logan and I right before we set out for the night and then the awesome stash our son brought home, good thing he is too young to eat it all!!
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Sayed Aqeel said...

Ooooooh what a nice picture for your baby. I’d like to be there to eat some candy but any way, Happy Halloween and I hope you had fun and will have fun in Thanks Given and Christmas.

kelly Bluth said...

Funny you should mention, I just went and had a cavity filled yesterday! It didn't stop me from eating candy though. Pretty cute chicken you have there.

amiedanny said...

Ugh, my kids have all been through pink eye in the past. Sucks that it's SO DANG contagious, and the eye drops suck too, but, there's one good thing, once you start using the eye drops, you'll notice his eyes are better within hours. Just keep them up for the fully recommended time, three days or whatever. Good luck!

Cluck cluck! =)

The Bluths said...

Well since Logan would probably have a fit if we gave him drops, we are doing his medication orally, so that is good. :)