Sunday, November 26, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We had an unusual Thanksgiving, but a good one. We went to Ethan's co-worker's house for Thanksgiving lunch and I brought this apple pie I made. Then we went over to Dondra's parents house where we mingled with Relatives. Grandma Benson drove down with Debbie and Craig.
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Anonymous said...

Ooo look how fancy you are! You've even cut out the little leaf-decorations and whatnot! So impressive!

I can make banana cream pie, because it consists of "make this pudding, cut bananas, mix, then pour into pre-made shell." But, I suppose since I'm dating a chef, I've got no need to know how to be all fancy-cooky-lady.

PS. Did you see the CNN list of Top 100 TV catchphrases? "D'oh!" was on the list. Hehehe.