Sunday, December 3, 2006

Milestone day!

Well we hit a milestone today with Logan. He went to Nursery for the first time! And of course he loved it and had a great time. A lady said he cried once, but only briefly; maybe someone looked at him funny, who knows.
We went to the Scottsdale mall yesterday to try and find me a dress for Ethan's work party on the 15th this month. I found one and some pants that Ethan wanted me to get. Then we went ot Pei Wei for dinner, yum!

Here's Logan and Ethan cuddled together watching TV, we weren't trying to gag Logan, he just likes to suck on that blanket of his. He amazes us everyday with the new things he learns. Today we were all in the living room and he goes back into his bedroom, picks up a big box if toys, brings it to the front door so he can stand on it to reach the doorknob! Where does he come up with this stuff? Posted by Picasa


Kelly Bluth said...

I'm so glad he liked the nursery. I'ts going to make your Sunday meetings much more enjoyable. You'll have to send a picture of yourself in the new dress.
It may be time to put a chain lock on the front door!