Wednesday, February 21, 2007

New organization

Here's the story. We got our tax return back and after putting over half in savings, paying some credit card stuff, and buying a vacuum, we each got a little money we could spend on anything. And even though the things I wanted we would both use; they still came out of my pot. I wanted a file cabinet for our computer room because we just had papers everywhere. We actually already owned one, we just used it in the kitchen for drawer space (the one from IKEA). So I needed something for the kitchen. I found these lovely items at Target. They are actually for closet storage, but they work nice in here. (Notice the vase, my sister got it for me for my b-day). The basket on the bottom is for recycling and then we have our junk drawers. For those who don't know, our kitchen only has 2 drawers, so this is needed. They other thing I got was a hose shower head. Ethan made me take it out of my pot also. I bought useful things and he got sunglasses, a golf game, and an exercise thingy. Heh, he'll get mad that I wrote that :)

Check out my dad's blog for all the snow they got.

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Amie said...

Hey you I went to aerobics today and you did not. I am sore in sooo many places. I think Shawn worked every single muscle group except maybe... our earlobes or something. Arms, chest, abs, butt, thighs, calves, hips, everything. Tomorrow, I'm sure even my toes will hurt.