Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Graduation Trip

Tristan finally got his masters! We drove up to Utah Thursday night and got back Monday evening. It was a fun trip to hang out with family. Check out our pictures!

Me with my brothers Tristan and Josh (doing his 'Rocky' pose) ^

What a bunch of handsome men^

A couple generations

The ears are definately from the Bluth side of the family.
We visited my friend Shauna that I've known since we were 2. She lives in Provo now. That's her new baby Jude.It was Logan's first time seeing the Christus. It is a neat feeling in that room with the ceiling painted like space...
Check out the web album to see a video of Ethan eating a hot pepper, our Temple square visit, and much much more!
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Kelly said...

Some really great pics. I love the one of you and Logan and the Christus. Sounds like a fun and busy trip. Ethan and the "chili" video is a hoot. Did someone dare him? We'll see you in a few weeks.

The Fantasias said...

Hey you! I was gonna email you my email address since the old one doesn't work and realized that I need yours again. :) Mine is stephaniefantasia@gmail.com and it is true, we are having another. I'm due at the beginning of December. Anywho, Logan is SO SO SO cute - great pics!

Cassie said...

Those pictures are great! Tell Tristan congrats...there's nothing better than knowing that you are done with school forever!!! The picture of all the guys together is really cute. Your grandpa is super cute with his hat and everything. Sorry Cam and I weren't home maybe next time you can come visit!

Cassie said...

P.S. What's with Josh and the Rocky outfit? Did he lose a bet?

The Bluths said...

He borrowed my Grandpa's coat and hat, thought he was funny I guess? Actually it was funny.