Saturday, September 29, 2007

Carni folk

We had quite the eventful morning. Ethan went to work to purchase an office chair that is worth $300 and got it for $50. We really needed one and we went to a carnival that our city was putting on. There were a lot of things that Logan was big enough to do. See web album for more pictures.All the way around Logan said "horse".

This was his first ride by himself. We could see him saying "motorcycle" as he went around.

Right after Ethan and Logan got off the swings, a kid threw up. It was awesome. Should have gotten that on video :) There are 2 other videos in the album, be sure to check them out!


Steven Shepherd said...

Pretty Brave!!

kelly said...

What a fun day you had! I really like the video of Ethan and Logan on the swing going around. Logan is holding on really tight. He's wearing his New Mexico hat! You sure scored with the chair!

Snedakers said...

Nice deal on the chair! That's always great when you plan on spending a certain amount and you get that big of a discount. It looks like Logan loved the carnival too.

Cassie said...

Way to go!!! You got to go to a fair this year! The swings the boys are riding is one of my favorites! Did you get good carnival/fair food too?