Friday, September 21, 2007

Rain rain come my way

I went over to a friend's house today and she made me this sweet scripture tote out of a placemat. They are going to be doing these for our next Super Saturday. (I did the handles).
The other picture is of Logan's Book of Mormon stories book. He opened this last night and pointed to this picture and said, "Wiggles". Funny that they were wearing the Wiggle's colors and he recognized it.

The high is only supposed to get up in the 80's this weekend! Whoo hoo! I took Logan to the park tonight and it started getting windy so we headed home (wind=sand in eyes). It had just started raining when we got inside. I can't remember the last time it rained here.

Logan's newest thing? Tantrums. It's hard for me to handle this when he has never done it before. It only happens when we are somewhere where he is having fun and then we have to leave. He throws his body on the ground and goes limp noodle. Quite embarassing. So I tried something new, I just have to remember to do it. I dropped him off at his friend's house for a couple hours (where he had previously thrown his first tantrum for not wanting to leave) and before we left, and while we were in the car, and when we got there, I reminded him over and over again that when mommy comes and picks him up that he doesn't cry and he listens to mommy and we go home and have lunch. It actually worked! I didn't think it would. So I just need to remember that he needs some prep beforehand. I didn't do that today because I didn't think he would have a problem leaving my friend's house, but I was wrong.
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Snedakers said...

Way cute scripture tote & out of a placemat. Definitely cool. I can relate to the tantrum thing - Chandler loves to throw them, especially at church which is frustrating. I'm glad you found something that seems to be working for you!

kelly said...

Ditto on the scripture tote. Very cute! It's good that you found a way to prepare Logan for leaving a fun place. Hopefully he will understand and be able to go without being sad. Good luck.

The Chicks said...

Hey! It was nice to hear from you! It's funny who you run into blogging...hmmm...that sounds funny. Anyway. Thanks for the comment! I'm glad that you and your little family are doing well! I can't believe how big your baby is! He's adorable. How are you liking Arizona? I haven't had time to read through your whole blog Ethan going to school down there? or are you done?

Cassie said...

That scripture case is super cute! How did she make it??? As for Logans tantrums...Cam's in the exact same phase and it drives me crazy! I think he knows exactly when it will make me the most embarassed. Good luck!

Glo said...

That is both incredible and scary. If you share the pattern, it would make a really awesome Enrichment meeting.

Sometimes, Mormons are scary.

Amie said...

we did those for our SS last year and they were very very popular! In fact, I have one that was leftover and never claimed that I'd like to make some day, but I don't have the right tools.

Good luck with's just a phase, and it sounds like you might have it worked out anyway. =)