Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I went out to lunch with a big group of ladies on Monday for our friend Geri's missionary farewell. Her and her husband are going to Athens, Greece! I forgot my camera and the card I brought for her so I stopped by her house later that day. She is one of the sweetest people I know and makes you feel so good about yourself when you talk to her. I hope I can be like her someday. She really taught me a lot while I've lived here and will be sad to see her leave, but luckily we can still write. Here is a picture of Geri and I at her house.
Logan's latest: We can no longer call him our 'mellow' boy. He is definitely a 2 year old boy now. His biggest problem is not listening when we tell him to stop doing something. I've gotta teach this kid some better manners too because today he was walking by his friend Cyrena and swatted her shoes out of her hand and just kept walking. Why does he do that? He was also running behind her and kicked her in the butt. We all sorta laughed when he did it, but I scolded him for it and made him say sorry. I guess I'm the kind of mom that doesn't think "boys will be boys". I have higher expectations for him and I want him to be kind to others all the time.


The Fantasias said...

I agree with you on the "boys will be boys" notion. I hate it when people say that. (About bad behavior, anyway. Sometimes it really applies to eating dirt and catching frogs.)

Anyhow, I do have to admit, I laughed while reading the shoe-swatting part. The mental picture is pretty funny but I would have made Dean say sorry (sounds more like "saw-yee") too. :o)

kelly said...

I hate to think of Logan being a naughty boy! You really have to stay on top of it and not let him get away with anything. It's tough to always be consistant but it's so important. You can use time-out, even if you're at someone else's home.

Amie said...

yeah...good luck with that, hee hee!