Sunday, November 18, 2007

There and back again

It's already Sunday again, that means I went a whole week without posting! Can you believe it? (Although I did post on my pregnancy blog).
My sister-in-law Caitlin flew out from good 'ol Rexburg Idaho on Saturday and is staying with us till next Saturday. It's her first time here. This is what I think our week will be like with a college student. A lot of this (see picture): And a lot of 'tap tap tippity tap' as she IMs everyone in the world really really fast. Logan likes playing with her phone as you can see in the picture he's trying to sneak away with it while she sleeps.

My brother Tristan and Terri will fly down Wednesday and have Thanksgiving with us on Thursday. It will be our first time cooking! Yikes! I'm sure we'll do more interesting things during this week so await those posts.
Anyone else seeing a Thanksgiving movie? It's our tradition; what will you be seeing?


kelly said...

I sounds like you'll have a houseful after all. I hope Caitlin will do more than sleep and talk on her phone! We're going to the movie but everyone will choose their own instead or us all going to the same one. I want to see either "Enchanted" or "August Rush".

Terri said...

We will be seeing whatever you will be seeing. :)

Bry-n-Jess said...

That view of Caitlin is oh so familiar. As for my lack of blogging, I know but look for updates soon!

The Fantasias said...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Our zoo is free on holidays - woohoo. But we won't be able to take advantage because Eli is so little. Oh well, perhaps next year. :o)