Sunday, January 6, 2008

Tyler & Janna's wedding

We left Wednesday evening and stayed with my old college roommate Brittany and then arrived in SLC on Thursday. It was really great to see all of Ethan's family. Here are some collages of the trip. (Remember to click on them to make them bigger and if you want to see them all go to this web album)

1. At the Joseph Smith memorial building Thursday night before the wedding. Had a great dinner. 2. Logan, Jake, and Kate looking out the hotel window at all the construction below. 3. Bryan and I remembering old times. 4. Jessica and Kate (I told you this was going on the blog!)

1. Even though Logan felt terrible, he still was willing to sit next to Jake and take pictures. 2. Family picture, poor Logan had a rough time. 3. Caitlin and I. 4. Jessica, me and Jake.

1. My sister-in-laws, see a peeping Bryan anywhere? 2. Tyler must have been super happy to get married. 3. Tyler and Janna Bluth 4. Logan asleep in the SLC Temple area.

1. The groomsmen 2. Logan enjoying a donut on the car ride home. 3. Logan has awesome parents that let him sleep in a tent on a hotel bed. 4. Bryan being...Bryan (with Kate).

The whole Bluth gang. Kris, Debbie, John, Sammie, Rachel, A.J. Kelly, Jamie, Tyler, Jake, Jessica, Kate, Janna, Bryan, Robert, Kyle, Caitlin, Ashley, Logan, Ethan.
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momof3 said...

Looks like you guys have had a fun and busy holiday season. yeah that picture is of zeke and zara. they had gotten into Aricka's makeup bag at 11:00 at night. it was quite the incident.

Davis Family said...

Cute pictures! I bet you are exhausted after all of that traveling! Your growing belly is adorable. Oh and in answer to your question- Max and Kaylie were taking naps.

Shauna said...

So you mean you came all the way to UT and I did not get so much of a hello?? Well I thought we were friends. Glad you had fun though!

Cassie said...

Wow I didn't see the last couple of've been busy! At least you get to go on a few trips before the little man arrives!