Monday, February 18, 2008

All this for FREE

Yes you read right, FREE. Want to know how?

Since January I have been doing coupon sense. I have gotten a lot of free things here and there, but tonight was a good shopping trip. Here's how I did it. First off I got these items at CVS and they do this thing called 'extra bucks' where you buy something that qualifies (and there's a lot) and they give you money back in coupon form for your next visit. So people gather these extra bucks and roll them onto their next order. I had $12 in extra bucks for this order. They had a deal buy $30 in participating products get $15 in extra bucks.
1st transaction:
I used $2 in extra bucks and $3 in coupons and bought:
2 toothpastes ($2.39 each)
1 toothbrush ($2.24)
each had $2 in extra bucks for my next order.
Out of pocket I paid $2.45

2nd transaction:
I used $10 in extra bucks and the $6 in extra bucks from the previous order plus $4.80 in coupons and bought:
2 Huggies jumbo diapers ($8.99 each)
1 Huggies wipes ($4.99)
1 Cottonelle t.p. ($5.99)
1 ziplock sandwich bags ($2.00)

For some reason the $15 in extra bucks didn't print up so she gave it to me in cash!

Total I spent: $13.88
Total I got back in cash: $15.00
I actually made $1.12 on the whole thing :)

I know that is probably confusing for some; believe me, it was confusing for me too!
We usually spend $300 a month for our food budget. I'll let you know what we have spent at the end of February while using coupon sense.


Amie said...

how awesome! Love scores like that!

marsh & tiff snedaker said...

Nice deal! Gotta love it when you get paid to buy things, lol. I'll have to check coupon sense out!

Terri said...

Very thrifty! You should try out for the Price is Right!

The Fantasias said...

That reminds me of the "Grocery Game". I will have to look into it. :o) Sweet deal.

Brooke said...

Deals are fun, I need to look into coupon sense. I was at CVS tonight also, getting some diapers and so proud of myself for not loosing my ECB's! About Friday, that would have been so fun but we already made plans to have one of my friend from high school and her hubby over for dinner! Thanks for the invite though, let's do it soon :o).

Ryan and Cecily said...

Ashley, (this is Cecily, Toni's old room-mate) I've heard of coupon sense before, but wasn't sure if I could really believe it. I'd like to know how much money it saved you in a month, and how much time you put into getting all the coupons together. What a deal!

Jeremy and Sara Smith said...

That's way cool - I've been trying to get into the whole coupon thing. I'll have to try harder now. Can't wait to hear how much you save this month!

Shepherd's in Wisconsin said...

I'm confused

A said...

I was hitting next blog on blogspot and came across your blog...Im a Coupon$ense'er too! And Im an instructor! How ironic I found your blog. Keep saving!