Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's a sad sad day

Where'd Omi go? We knew Logan would ask this when he woke up, and he did. So today is my first day by myself with the 2 boys. Logan has been practicing going on the potty and his went all by himself today! Although I woke up to him coming in my room after his nap holding his diaper with poop in it. Lovely.

Here is Logan with his Little Einsteins blanket Omi made him last night. We sure are going to miss all her help.


The Cowand Family said...

Poor Logan, all kids LOVE their "Omi's". LOL about the diaper, at least he brought it to you...he could've left it somewhere not easily seen and the smell would've driven you crazy. Be thankful for the small gifts. 80)

The Fantasias said...

Poor Logan. he got a pretty good blanket though. :o)