Saturday, March 8, 2008

Our new computer desk

Well I doubted that Ethan could finish it in time, but he did it! This was his first time building a piece of furniture so it's a little rough, and he didn't have a table saw. All in all though I think it looks great and fits in our room perfectly.

Want to see more pictures? Click here.


Anonymous said...

That is really awesome!!! I think it looks great. Ethan can be very proud of his first foray into furniture building. It looks great in the room too. Good Job Ethan!

The Fantasias said...

Wow. That looks so great. I love the layered edges too. :o) Way to go, Ethan!

Amie said...

wow it looks great! Does he take orders? I've been saving up for one but I haven't found exactly what I'm lookin' for.

T1shep said...

Ethan, I had no doubt you could do it.