Saturday, April 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Ethan!

Today is my wonderful husband's birthday so I thought I would share a few things about how great he is.
I'm so lucky to have a husband that cooks over half of our meals (including lunches since he comes home for that). And since I had Gavin he's probably cook 95% of them.
He gets up in the middle of the night when Gavin is fussy and I am too tired to do it.
He is a great dad that always makes time to play around with Logan and make him giggle everyday.
He has changed his fair share of diapers.
He cleans the house to perfection.
He makes it a point to give me a kiss every time he leaves and goes to work (even though it should be me giving him one!)
He always asks me how my day was, even if he hasn't had a very good one (or is wanting to tell me something good that happened to him).
He trades off with me every other night to get Logan ready for bed and read him a book.
He is great at his job and strives to be better.
He comes up with sketches of his modest dream homes every month. (Which I think is cute).
He always has ideas on how to improve things whether it be things in our house, yard, or lives.
He does the dishes with a towel hanging over his shoulder. Very nice :)
He puts my needs before his own and even let me pick out where we're going for his birthday dinner (but he wants to go there too don't get me wrong).
He never complains when I want to spend money even though I complain when he does. (I'm such a penny pincher!)
He is very handy. He just made us a great desk.
He rubs my back.
He is just a great husband and father and we're so happy to have him in our lives.

I love you Ethan!
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Dansie Family said...

what a great husband. yes, i'd love to be invited to your prego blog!

Amie said...

How cute, sounds like a keeper! (I love the towel over the shoulder bit)

Anonymous said...

We've always thought Ethan would be a great husband and dad, it's good to see that he's proved us right and that he has a great wife that appreciates him so much. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ETHAN!!!!!

Mom and Dad

marsh & tiff snedaker said...

What a sweet husband and what a nice tribute you wrote to him Ashley! Happy Birthday Ethan!

Stephanie said...

Happy birthday Ethan!
He cooks?!?!? Ashley, Ethan is definitely a keeper :).