Saturday, May 17, 2008

Double date

We had a fun night out with our friends the Deans. We went to an improv comedy theater. I haven't been to one since High School. We left Logan with Cyrena and their neighbor and brought Gavin with us. It was so nice to get out with our good friends and not have Logan and Cyrena to worry about. Besides it sounded like they had a blast playing with their neighbor. I was surprised how well Logan played with her because he is usually shy around adults, but he treated her just like any other kid. It was hilarious hearing all the funny things they did.
After we went out for ice cream.
Jenna, this one's for you.


Brooke said...

You guys look all cute!! How was the improv? Was it funny?

Jenna said...

OK, are you holding Cyrena's doggy in the picture? And don't you just love how David is looking at me so adoringly? I love that boy. At least someone appreciates my conversation. :)