Saturday, May 10, 2008

Go camping

Ethan & Logan are on the father/son campout this weekend. Logan was so excited all day to go camping. Poor guy had to wait a while though because Ethan didn't get home from work till around 4:30. I doubt Ethan will take pictures so I took one before they left. Who knows maybe he'll surprise me with some pictures when they get back today.
After I took this picture Logan says, "close door, go camping". He really wanted to get going :)

Gavin and I had a good time on our own. I got to sleep in today till 9:00!! (Not taking into account waking up at 5:30 to feed him). My friends had me over for dinner and then I invited a new friend over to watch a chick flick (27 dresses). It's kinda nice to have these moments. I'm already excited for them to get back though, I'm sure Logan will have lots to tell me and I can't wait. Plus I want to start the next book that Ethan and I have been listening to. (Twilight series) We're starting the 3rd one today. And yes he likes them.
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Brooke said...

I bet they had a great time!! That's so cute how excited Logan was about it!

The Cowand Family said...

Was this Logan's first time on the fathers & sons campout? I bet they had a blast! I hope Ethan took some pictures so that you can post them for us to see. After all a boys first campout is a big deal. YAY Logan!

The Fantasias said...

Fun! How old do they [the kiddos] have to be to do that? That is so fun.

Jenna said...

Cute picture, glad you had a good relaxing time!