Saturday, May 31, 2008

Spiderman Birthday Cake

Check it out, my home-made Birthday cake. Logan ate 3 pieces.
We celebrated his birthday today. He's 3! I'll have more pictures later.

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The Cowand Family said...

Happy Birthday Logan!!!! I love your Spiderman suit. Very cool!!! We'll have to sing to you tomorrow in nursery!! Do you want us to sing "Happy Birthday" or would you prefer "The Itsy Bitsy Spider"? Love, Sis Jessica 80)

The Fantasias said...

Hey, what a day to party. Dean had his party on Sat. too. :o) I LOVE your cake, you did a fabulous job and the party looks fun! Time sure does fly. I still remember babysitting Logan and listening to his hysterical giggle as he knocked blocks off your table. It was so funny - we did it for like 2 hours.

caitlin said...

tell little logan happy b-day and i love him :)....oh and whose baby is bryan holding in the background...just curious :)

Shannen said...

Happy birthday Logan! I love the cake - you did such an amazing job Ashley! What skills!