Tuesday, June 3, 2008

More of our weekend

It has been a crazy week, but so much fun. Logan had a wonderful Birthday on Saturday. He got a lot of Spiderman gifts from the grandparents. Ethan and I got him a tricycle, but it didn't get here till Monday. Pizza out on the patio.

Cousin Jake in action throwing a water balloon. Check out that form!

If you look closely you can see a balloon splat right in front of Logan. And I just got hit in the back by my dad so my back is all wet.

Papa & Gavin

The amazing Spiderman

Blue Grandma & Grandpa. Great picture.

Putting together the Tricycle

Little man on his trike.

Swim buddies on Monday.
Logan & Jake
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Torrie said...

The party was fun, Thanks for having us. I love the spidey outfit. I am surprised that he didn't show up on Monday wearing it at aerobics.Love the trike!!!

Stephanie Watkins said...

Happy birthday, Logan! Looks like a great party. I think little Gavin looks more like you, Ashley, every time I see a new picture. What cute kids!