Monday, July 7, 2008

Before & After

Ethan installed some new cabinets. They blend in so well you probably won't notice until I tell you where they are.


Also before:


More After:
He added one more cabinet on the top above the microwave and one more bottom cabinet below the microwave. We need to get some more handles (I had one extra). It's so nice having just a little more counter space. He is going to refinish all the cabinets and counter tops as well.

P.S. Yes I know they are slightly a different shade (the counter is a different shade too), but they were free and it's going to be re done anyway.
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Lois said...

Your new cabinets look great. Ethan did a good job. It's nice to have new additions to our homes -- especially in the kitchen. Good job.

The Fantasias said...

He did well. Our kitchen could use some more cabinetry/counter space too, but there is nowhere else to put it. Bummer. We are (I should say, I am) going to refinish ours also in another month or two. I would do it now, but Dev wants a break from projects once the wall is done. LOL

We are refinishing them in white and I may add some windows. We'll see. I can't wait to see yours, I love seeing before and afters of projects. :o)

Anonymous said...

The cabinets look great! The color difference is very slight. Good job. How lucky to get them free! What did you do with the other white cabinet with the drawers? (Blu Grandma)

Heather said...

Aside from your kitchen cabinets looking the heck are you. It has been a super long time. You have two gorgeous boys...a long time ago we watched a movie of your oldest just getting all funky to some music. We were laughing so hard. It is so good to see what your up to!!


EMILY said...

Looks great! What a cute kitchen.

Toni said...

Wow, that looks amazing! Nice work, Mr. Bluth! I need more cabinets in my kitchen, so next time you're in town... j/k it does look awesome, though.

Jenna said...

It looks really great! That will be so nice for you guys to have more space!