Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mini update

So what's new?
I went to court on Monday for a traffic ticket (my first ever in my life) and it didn't go well at all. I'm not going to get into details, but let me say, it's not a good feeling having someone think you are lying when you are telling the truth.

Ethan's worked 3 of the 5 Saturdays this month. Bleck!

I signed Logan up for a tumbling class which starts in November and a 'Paint Paste and Pour' class that starts Sept. 13th.

We had an awesome lesson today in church about food storage. It really helped me see how I can do what Ethan and I are already doing and making it work long term. Make a menu, make a list of all the ingredients you'll need and triple them to have a 3 month supply. Once we sell our fridge and stove we'll get that going lickity-split.

My sister is due any day now (or hour). I'm excited to see what my new neice Kyla looks like!

I am trying a new recipe tonight thanks to my friend Jenna. Shrimp, pasta, cream, yum yum. Here is where it's at.

And what's a post without pictures?
We borrowed this jumper from my cousin Dondra.

And below, Gavin always has a smile on his cute little face.
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melanie said...

Hey! I remember you from college too. How crazy to reconnect years and years later.

Glad to see you are doing well; holler if you're ever in Seattle!


Amie said...

Cute! Sorry about your ticket. =( If I'd known, I would have put you in contact with my friend Christine who works down there. She could have given you a few pointers. I was surprised to see that Dondra moved back into our ward! Cool! She was in our ward several years ago.

Jacki said...

Where does the time go? Your little family is so beautiful. Hope you're doing great!

Lois said...

Looks like Gavin is enjoying his bath. What a happy baby. Darling little boy.

Rachael said...

so cute! We are glad to be back and close to the famous bluth's! Does Gavin have a rash on his back? Poor guy!

Jenna said...

I can't tell you how much I love his smile. He's so distracting in church.