Monday, August 11, 2008

My wish list

No it's not my birthday, no this isn't for our anniversary or for Christmas. Doesn't everyone have a list of things they want?

I want...

Inglesina High Chair

Redken Fresh Curls spray

Ikea MALM bedside table

Ikea kid's chair (for Logan of course...)

2 hole punches. A daisy and a circle.


The Fantasias said...

Is your birthday coming up? I saw that same chair at Goodwill a few weeks back for $3 and was so excited. Then I realized the base was missing. Bummer!

Well, happy birthday soon if that's the hint. Either way, I hope you get your loot!

Toni said...

Ha! At least you put stuff on your blog that's feasible, and not hundreds of dollars for each item. I hope you get them all! :)

Terri said...

Getting ready for Christmas early?

the McLaughlin's said...

Are these hints to Ethan with your anniversary coming up?

The Biancamano Family said...

Are you a Ikea rep? Haha j/k! That's totally you!! Ikea style all the way!!