Friday, August 22, 2008

Surprise visit from Papa

My dad flew out to Arizona for work Wednesday and had some extra time so he drove up that night and stayed with us.
We had all day Thursday with him.
In the morning Papa took Logan to the playground while I taught my workout. Then we went to the splash park (you've seen pictures of that before). Then we met up with Ethan for lunch and all crashed for naps when we got home.
Papa decided to have a steam outside and read a book. Too hot for me!
And we had to go shopping for toys with Logan. He picked out this awesome Knight costume and loves it. (Plus some Spiderman socks)
Thanks for lunch, the toys, and for visiting Papa!
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The Fantasias said...

what a cool costume. I love dress-up toys way better than any other toys. They can just pretend and be creative.

So fun, good choice Logan.

Anonymous said...

How fun to have a day with Papa! Love the knight in armor. Do you think he can dive in that! (Blu Grandma)

Lois said...

Isn't is nice to have grandpa's (and grandma"s) visit. It is great for them to see the grandchildren -- and for the grandchildren to get re-acquainted with them.
Cute knight outfit on Logan.
Great picture of Papa and his two grandsons.

Stephanie Watkins said...

Logan seems like such a fun kid. The knight costume is fabulous!