Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trunk or treat!

Last night was our ward's Trunk or Treat.
Gavin was a happy Ninja. Do you want to be a Ninja? Go here.
Logan was one of the many Spidermans. (He's got his Spiderman crocks on)

Cyrena was a Candy Corn, adorable I know. One day this is how their conversation went:

Cyrena: I love my candy corn costume.
Do you love my candy corn costume?

Logan: I like to eat your candy corn costume, it's real nummy.

(P.S. I hate the word nummy, but he says it nonetheless)

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the McLaughlin's said...

Gavin is barefoot at Halloween. Only in Arizona. Logan makes one sweet spidey. He and Incredible Hulk Jake should use their powers for good and work together. They could fight some serious pretend bad guys!

Shannen said...

The boys were both so cute in their costumes! I think that was the first baby ninja I've ever seen :)

The Fantasias said...

Cute costumes. Dean would love to trick or treat with Spiderman!

FrachMCDizzle said...

why do you HATE the word nummy? I have to know.....

cmecham2000 said...

Cute little NINJA! Yeah I want to be a Ninja but I guess I can't afford it. DARN!!!