Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A sitting thumb-sucker

Not much going on here.

  • Logan wears his Spiderman costume everyday. I think it's time for a wash.

  • Gavin lays on the floor and sucks his thumb. Here's a video of him sitting. He'll do this for about 30 seconds before he folds over. Yup, he's almost 8 months and not even sitting up yet. I love that he is staying a baby just a bit longer for me.

  • Ethan and my goal for the week: cleaning out our water barrel and filling it up.


mellancollyeyes said...

Ha! That's so cute. He's so upset to be sititng up. Hehehe. Also, what's a water barrel?

tiff snedaker said...

LOL - Love the thumb sucking! He's sitting up really well too!