Thursday, December 25, 2008

My biggest surprise

I got the biggest surprise ever for Christmas! I was talking on the phone with my parents while Ethan went outside and when the front door opened, in walked a little puppy Doberman. I love her! We haven't quite decided on a name, but so far we like Zoe.

Logan got a TON of Spiderman things. Roller skates, gloves, bath stuff, pjs, book...and the list goes on. Plus his Trampoline.

Gavin got toys, a placemat, and clothes.

Ethan got money for his laptop that he bought and slippers and Basin shave cream which he loves.

I got a dog!

We (Ethan) made our first batch of Abelskivers. (Puffy pancakes). They turned out really well.


Val said...

congrats on your newest family member - she is super cute!!