Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Zoe and the boys

We've decided to go with the name Zoe. Gavin is very intrigued by her so far. As is Zoe with him. She is doing really well with her "potty training". No poop in the house so far. We are renting the Ceasar the Dog Whisperer on Netflix to learn how to train her. Enjoy the pictures!



Steven Shepherd said...

The Ceasr books and video will not help you train the dog, it's the other way around... it will help train you to understand the dog...

Also glad to see they left teh tail the correct length.

Lois said...

It looks like Gavin and Zoe are adjusting to each other very well. Darling picture of Zoe "kissing" Gavin. Cute pictures.