Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Some of those 'fun' things

Someone asked me what "fun" things I got (and Zoe and the boys) when my mom was here. So here they are!

The Boon:
Sold at Babies r us and it is amazing! You can fit 1 jar of baby food in it. I took it to church with me and that made it so much more convenient. The orange part is squishy and all you have to do it squeeze the food out. It does get a little spitty at the end, but I love it. ($7.99 in case you were wondering)

Ped Egg:
A-mazing. A girl from the workout told us all about it and I finally am able to try it. Ethan comments on how smooth my feet are now. With wearing flip flops all the time here in AZ, my feet get a bit dry. Pumice stones NEVER worked on me, but this does. LOVE IT!

I also got fitted for some new bras (sorry no pictures for that). And 2 new shirts (a steal at $3.99) from Kohls (as seen in my birthday pictures from the previous post; in blue.)

Puppy stuff:
How do you get a puppy to stop biting? I'll let you know...

Cute Zoe with her new toys from Omi. She had just biten her toy so her lips were flipped up. Ha.

A new blanket for Zoe (from babies r us, Gavin got one too :) The boppy is under it and it seemed to be the perfect size nest for her little body.

Boot camp DVD. Now I can whip all the girls at my workout with my new moves. I'm still sore from my class on Monday.

Twilight Turtle:
I was hoping to get rid of Logan's night lite and replace it with this cool Turtle that glows and projects stars on the ceiling...but he still likes his room pretty bright. He also got these cool "light savers" as he calls them and that go fishing game (which is really hard).

Workout pants:
For as often as I workout, I needed a new pair.

Hair stuff, hair stuff, hair stuff!:
My mom always brings fun hair stuff when she comes. (You should see her bathroom closet!)

I got 2 pairs of Clarks. Super comfy. I wonder how many pairs of Clarks my mom has... she's a shoe fanatic. Too bad we're not even close to the same size (she's a 5!)

And that's that (but not all of it). See, I told you it was fun!


Dansie Family said...

i want to try ped egg... and you know i'm a huge fan of bootcamp. the bootcamp 2 dvd is great too. so glad you're sore!

tiff snedaker said...

I love the boon spoon. We used one for a while when Rowan was eating purees. Love your new shoes too, super cute!

The Fantasias said...

Loving the boon. I think I'm going to have to get one of those. :o)

Terri said...

We have the boon spoon and snack ball. YAY for a kid's company that actually thinks about good, modern design. And, all of their products are BPA free!

The Biancamano Family said...

Oh man when I saw that spoon a few weeks ago at BBRUS I thought of you!!! I'm glad you tried it out!! I will have to get one!!

I can't wait to try the Boot Camp DVD out!!! I wonder if I could start doing that in two weeks!!! hahaha Oh how I miss the gym!! ;o)

Torrie said...

Thank you for humoring me Ashley!

Jenna said...

I love when moms come to spoil!

Jenna said...

Wait.....where's Eithan's presents??

wittygal said...

Well now I am wondering what Ethan got. What a GREAT mom you have!

Darren and Traci said...

Fun! I love when my mom comes and spoils me with the fun little things that I normally don't buy but want still the same. I LOVE the pedi egg my mom got one for her birthday and all us girls tried it out and I told Darren that it was a must for one of my Christmas gifts. I live in flip flops so my feet are always dry and this has been the only thing besides pedicures that have gotten rid of the dry skin. I also love those shoes you got, my mom wears those as well and they look so comfy... might have to try those out.

Andersen Family said...

I know how to make your dog stop biting. The only reason she does it is because she's teething and it's a method of playing with you. So when she bites you make a holler about it. "yelp" or say "ouch" really loud. She doesn't WANT to hurt you so she'll stop. And then be sure to give her something she CAN bite. You might have to work at it for a while - but it works.

Natalie said...

Hello. I'm a friend of Terri's and she pointed me toward your blog.

When we got our pitbull, we figured that we should do some major bite training. The method that we used with him worked better than when we trained any of our other dogs. Anytime we felt teeth, we would scream "ouch" really loud even if we barely felt anything. We would make a big deal out of it and it would shock him and he would pull away. He eventually learned that mouth was fine but teeth weren't and now takes to wrapping his lips over his teeth when playing with humans.

Lois said...

You and Etan do a GREAT job with all this photography. It is wonderful to see your cute family doing all these fun things. Yes, I have seen your mother's closet with all her hair products -- lots and lots. Also, she is a great buyer of darling shoes. Lots and lots of those also.

Jackson Family said...

I am a Clark lover myself. I love their Privos. They are the perfect mom shoe.