Thursday, February 5, 2009

Logan's conversation about super heroes

Just a regular day here at the Bluth household.

We spent our lunch time at the new Sams Club by our house snacking on all the freebies.

Pepperjack cheese is spicy!

Free ice cream bars are sweet.

Logan says random things:


Jess said...

My thoughts on Logan's randomness:

You need to get that boy an Ironman costume! LOL

Why does he have Batman's cape but not the suit? What kind of parents are you? geesh J/K

I am glad he had a good nap too. =)

And you really should fix his sword...after all he uses it to kill the bad people in your scrapbooking box mom! Gawrsh!

He is SO cute and I really enjoyed his randomness! ;D Thank you for sharing it with us. Its nice to know he will actually talk to someone.

Lois said...

Logan is getting so big. And he certainly has a cute way of describing things. He is a darling boy.

tiff snedaker said...

They really speak what's on their mind at this age, don't they. LOL

Amie said...

Cute...I'm so glad he got all those bad guys out of your scrapbooking box! That could have gotten ugly!

Jenna said...

I love the randomness, I bet most people haven't heard him talk that much. Yesterday Cyrena was complaining that she didn't have any rain gear.....she's so deprived.

The McLaws Family said...

Hey! You guys are alive too! No, I'm not skipping aerobics, I have two additional children that I watch during the week and not enough car seats:( Wish I could be there....