Sunday, February 15, 2009

Typical Sunday

Here is what we were doing today.

Zoe was chillin' in her new kennel.
This has really helped in keeping her from biting us all day long. She goes in here for her timeouts and to sleep.

Logan and Gavin were playing in his room after church.

Ethan was doing the typical: making dinner for everyone.
At least I made the dessert; chocolate covered strawberries and I made them look like tuxes.

Action shot of Zoe playing with Ethan.

So what else is new?
-I got released from my calling as Relief Society Secretary after 2 1/2 years of serving.

-Zoe has had a few play dates with other dogs, although she gets a little intimidated by them.

-Ethan got a letter saying he could take an Engineering test (so he can become an engineer). I guess it's equivalent to taking the BAR.

-Logan now sings in Primary instead of sulking in the corner.

-Gavin found his voice and likes to screech in the kitchen where it echoes.


Rachael said...

cute Header!

The Fantasias said...

Don't you just LOVE the screech stage? Dean never did that but Eli is determined to make us all deaf.

I can't wait until he's over it. I'm already feeling sorry for your ears if Gav is anything like Eli. Ouch! :o)

Lois said...

Yep, that's Ashley -- making the chocolate covered strawberries. Every time I see them I think of you.

Anonymous said...

How fun, "a day in the life" the boys look cute with their toys and just goofing off. Zoe is getting soooo big! I just got a release from my stake YW calling and am now a counselor in the ward relief society. Lots of work ahead. see you guys in a few weeks. (Kelly)