Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I love my Bissell

So a lot of people ask me about what vacuum they should get. This is my Bissell Healthy Home. It has the same technology as a Dyson, but much cheaper. A piece of the trap door broke the other day and I called the 1-800 number and they sent me the new part free of charge because there is a 5 year waranty. Awesome! Right now you can get my vacuum at Target for $250 plus you get a $75 gift card. Plus you can get a $20 rebate from Bissell online. Cool. I wish that deal was around when I bought mine.

Tomorrow I'll post about my hair routine because I've had a lot of people ask me about that too. (ie. my microfiber towel.)


The Fantasias said...

Ah.. I love the bissell too. Dev and I always scoff about the dorks who go buy the Dyson because the moment Dyson's patent exclusivity expired many other vacuum companies jumped on the technology bandwagon and offer their products for WAY less.

Why pay $600-$800 for something you can get for under $300? It's ludicrous. Anywho, I'm jealous because we want that vacuum but we keep waiting for ours to kick the bucket before we purchase since it still works well. The thing is, our stupid vacuum just keeps going and going and going because, well, it's a bissell. LOL.

Maybe I'll ram it into a couple walls next time I vacuum. :o)

The Wightmans said...

thanks for the post! Our vacuum actually broke a little while ago and we have been using a super old lender from Ren's parents till we could decide on a new one. I am glad to know that one is a good one, and the great deal on it! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hello - I must admit two things ... 1. This is my first blog or blog response ever and 2. I work for BISSELL.

I thank you for your comments on our Healthy Home and I am pleased that you are finding it to be a good value. We are working hard to make improvements each and every day and we want to be provide everyone with the best products for the money - and this is not just rhetoric. Tell your friends about the $20 coupon - it is good through the end of March.

I also can't wait for you to see our new product launches coming out this summer.

Anonymous said...

Well.... I feel like a "dork" I have a Dyson! I love it and I got a good deal on it, but I just wish they made a canister model.