Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Imaginary bathroom friend

I think Logan has an imaginary friend in his bathroom.

Everyday before naps he goes #2 and has a conversation with someone.

Today was especially funny.

"We not say poopie or kill, we not say that."

"I have a friend, his name is Ethan, he's just a boy" (I think he's referring to Ethan Ashton who was also Spiderman for Halloween so he loves him.)

"What's my name? My name is Logan. What's my name? I tell you my name's Logan."

"I not have Wolverine suit. I get Wolverine suit for my birthday. It's at the store. What a kind a store? My costume at the store and I see my spiderman costume at the store too." (He went on for awhile talking about the store.)


Gavin had his 1 year appt. today.
Here are his stats:
Weight: 18.15 lbs
Height: 30 1/8"
Head: 75th percentile

They told me to give him more high calorie stuff like peanut butter or butter on his bread or Carnation Instant Breakfast. Funny.


Jenny said...

Ya fatten that kid up. I am obviously a pro at that:)

The Fantasias said...

That's funny. Dean weighed 18 lbs at 12 months and our Pediatrician never told us to fatten him up, but I always hear that other pediatricians say what yours says. Luckily Eli was a fatty so we didn't have to worry with him.

That conversation Logan had with himself is pretty funny. I love that he asks himself questions.

Jessica Cowand said...

Awww how cute that Logan talks to his "Bathroom friend". Kieran used to do that at night after Liam would fall asleep. I remember hearing him and I went into make sure Liam wasn't still awake.

I asked him who he was talking to and he said 'Kim Possible'.

I said, "Oh! Ok. Well just keep it down so you don't wake up Liam."

As I got back into our room I heard over the baby monitor Kieran saying "That was my mom, her name is Jessica Cowand." Too Cute

Jennie said...

How cute is that!! Don't you just love how their imaginations are really developing and going full force right now! Growing up my little sister had an imaginary friend, "Bubba, who worked at the Hubba Bubba bubble gum factory!" we still tease her about that.

The Biancamano Family said...

Aww little people big minds! Gotta love em'!

Amie said...

hee hee are so cute!

Darren and Traci said...

That's cute about his bathroom friend. Emmie has "her guys" that she talks to all the time and plays with. She uses them as an excuse when she does bad things as well. She'll come up to me and say things like "mom my guys told me to call someone stupid." or "mom my guys told me to say crap, I didn't want to" It's funny to see how their minds work. Does he seriously still take a nap? How sweet

And Gavin's stats, whatever he looks just fine. I don't see why your docs telling you to fatten him up. Maybe he's just used to a bunch of obese babies these days

Gina said...

Can you believe my Mollie is over 16 lbs at 4 months? HAHA! She is a chunk!