Sunday, June 14, 2009

Gavin vs the Watermelon

The watermelon is so good here right now.
Gavin likes any fruit, but this was my first time giving him such a big piece.
Hey Mikey, he likes it!

Having lunch at our new table (my bowl melted a circle in the table already! oops!)

We all took naps while Logan played, but I guess he got worn out too.

This is how I found him.



Andrea said...

Mmmmm, that watermelon looks good. I really like your new craigslist table! It fits that space perfectly too!

Anonymous said...

Love the table, it is amazing how much more space you have. That was a good idea. Can you sand and repaint where it melted? You'll have to use placemats I guess. Gavin and the watermelon is just soooo cute! I have pictures of my kids sleeping in odd spaces too. (Blu Gramma)

Jenna said...

The table looks great! I'm excited for you. I can't wait to see it in person in your kitchen. Yeah, placemats will be a must I guess.

Shannon said...

Cute..he looks like a little monkey with all that watermelon in his mouth...haha!!

Lois said...

That's great that Gavin likes the watermelon. It is so good for him. He looks like a good little "eater".
Great looking table. Ethan did a good job painting it.

Stephanie Watkins said...

Happy Birthday to Logan. What a fun party! And what a great table! It's nice to have a handy husband who can fix up things for you. I love kitchen tables with benches! Gavin with the watermelon is adorable. My little girl is just too picky. She never likes anything new.

Miranda said...

Love the table! And don't you just love how kids can sleep ANYWHERE? LOL That is too funny.

Val said...

Love the new table - Gavin looks so grown up with the big hunk of watermelon in his hands...he's too cute.