Friday, June 26, 2009

Relief Society game night

I stole these pictures from Karen T. (Thanks!)

Last night I went to our girls night out game night. We played Apples to Apples and Bunco, (which I have never played before; it's fun!).

Not much has been going on here, hence no pictures to post. I did get a cool new car seat for Gavin in the mail yesterday from my mom so maybe I'll post that, cuz it's cool.

Ethan has been working on making his own guitar.

I've been making cookies or brownies or whatever suits my fancy at the moment.

Logan has been a big helper to mom and dad; he's such a good big brother.

Gavin is a goof, he thinks everything he does is hilarious; which it usually is to us :) Just him smiling makes us laugh because he's got that big gap in his front teeth.
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Jenna said...

It's funny because she sent out those pictures but I don't remember her taking them at all, weird.