Sunday, July 19, 2009

Car seats are in!

They fit!

It may look a little snug, but I had plenty of room to put it in a take it out. Plus there is a little cutout so it should make it easier for Logan to buckle himself up.

Our old car seat was 18" wide. This one is 16.5" wide.

Incase more people are wondering...

The Orange Booster: Graco from Target $19
The Red convertible car seat: Combi Coccoro in Cherry Pie
The new blue/brown infant car seat: Baby Trend Flex-loc in Skylar found here.
The old red infant car seat: Combi Tyro 8000 series (not sold anymore).
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The Fantasias said...

Hey, cool seats.

So, small world. Devin has a new work buddy named Cody Fielding. Apparently you know them from AZ.

Crazy! :o)

Lois said...

Looks like you might (???) even have room for the baby girl's car seat?
They look great.

Val said...

You did it! Wahoo! Knew you could do it!

Mark and Jessica said...

Yeah!! Congrats on the fit. Looks great and I'm sure it is such a relief to have them all in.

April said...

what type of car seat is the 16.5" one???

Anti-Supermom said...

Yeah, I need to know what the smaller one is too. I need to fit 2 car seats, a booster in the back. Help?

Did you find any booster seats that are smaller than others too?

wittygal said...

The things you will do to avoid a Mini Van. Everyone is doing it Ashley just get on the Mini Van Train.